About the Country Garden collection

When I make a new collection, I think about what I'd really love to spend my time creating, also the medium that will work best for what I have in mind, and then which of my skills I can enjoy putting to use to greatest effect to make the whole thing happen.

With my Country Garden collection, all the right things came together at the right time. 

I wanted to focus on something new. I wanted it to be relatively quick to produce so that I could do a lot of it with ease, and I wanted to be able to use what I know to be my best skills to bring it together without a struggle. Though I love to paint, I'm an artist who most naturally draws, so I decided on soft pastels as I knew they would serve me well.

I have to say, I was pleased with how the still-growing collection turned out and I hope you like it too. Although a lot goes into getting any art just right, I love the relative, and apparent, simplicity of some of these images, and I love that it was just me and my pastels energetically creating flowers filled with warmth and vitality for you to enjoy.

I really love to work organically, drawing freehand, choosing the colours instinctively and working fast to ensure the final piece is filled with "joie de vivre"! All the original artworks in my Country Garden collection are created in this way using soft pastels on textured, coloured, art paper. 

Essentially all my inspiration comes from growing up in the traditional English countryside but I like to think that my Country Garden collection bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary floral art.

I love mixing old and new in all areas of my life. So whether you love maximalist cottage home decor or take a clean-cut minimalist approach, each rich floral design will shine out, naturally bringing light and happiness to your home.

A few favourites from the collection