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PERPETUAL SUNSHINE floral art print

PERPETUAL SUNSHINE floral art print

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My energetic art print, Perpetual Sunshine is a dynamic floral that's bursting with movement and energy. I always name my artworks once they're finished as it's only then that I know how a painting feels and what it might convey to others. I went through a good few options, but in the end this picture could have no other name!

For a gallery view with static zoom option, click on any image. Otherwise just hover over an image for a quick close-up :) Zoom in to enjoy the varied bright and lively pastel strokes in this one.

Comments/Reviews: "This makes me miss summer! So warm and sunny!" (Laivi).

"Susan, I love it. Looks so bright and precious. And the flowers, each one of them shines like the sun." (Shuule).

"Looks like they're having a little dance - so beautiful and bright." (Nicki).

Choose your print in size A5, A4 or A3.

Please note that printed colours can differ slightly from those we see on screen due to variations in monitor and device settings.

See my FAQs for notes on my creative processes, print quality, packaging and delivery.

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