Artist Susan Marie Williams smiling and standing under cherry blossom with fields in the background

Welcome to my world!

Inspired by my childhood, my love of nature and everything beautiful, all my art flows from a place inside me that's filled with sunshine, colour and imagination.

I hope you love the results and that the spirit and vitality at the heart of what I create will transport you to your very own lighter, brighter world.

Thanks so much for being here. Enjoy your visit and have a beautiful day.


"Your art is so warm and friendly, it feels like a hug 😊"

(my favourite recent quote from Kylee, a long-time friend of my art in Australia)

Here's some answers to your ART-RELATED FAQs

Artist Susan Marie Williams with two large paintings from her Fantastic Flowers collection

How do you make your art?

I really love to work organically. I let my intuition lead the way, drawing freehand, choosing colours instinctively and often working fast to ensure the final piece is filled with "joie de vivre"! The original artworks in most of my collections are created in this way. As well as learning more about my life inspiration (as mentioned above), you can find out more about the creative processes involved in the individual collections - they each have their own section under my 'About' page heading.

Where do you get your art inspiration from?

I love the traditional English countryside, and my inspiration comes from a lifetime of soaking up all the wonderful natural detail that rural life offers. You can read lots more about this on my 'About' page, Me, my art... and you.

How do you create your prints? Are they high quality?

Each original artwork is created by me then scanned at a high-resolution. I then create the final image using Adobe software, and ultimately it's printed on professional acid-free fine art paper using my Epson XP-15000 six-ink printer, which produces gorgeously sharp details and vibrant colours. As I do all the artwork processing and printing myself, everything is done to my own very high standards and the results are guaranteed to be of professional quality.

What is a giclee print?

Genuine giclee prints are a particularly high-quality art print. They are produced individually on a large-format state-of-the-art giclee printer which uses 13 inks! 'Giclee' means 'spray' in French and refers to the hundreds of tiny ink nozzles in the printer, so the prints are extremely finely printed with many nuances of colour and detail that everyday printers can't even comprehend! Giclee printers are in a totally different league!

Giclee printing is particularly well-suited to my Heartland Watercolours style of painting as the intricate detail and rich colours can be enjoyed all the more in a high-quality print.

Can I buy an original artwork?

Yes, certain collections are available as originals. Currently (early 2024) I only have prints listed but originals are coming soon. In the meantime, if you see an original that you like, perhaps on social media or elsewhere, please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

Are the mockup/lifestyle images shown to scale?

No, mockups are for demonstration purposes only so that you can see the art in a realistic setting.

Where can I find order-related FAQs?

Find order-related FAQs here

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