About the Boho Summer collection

These pretty prints bring with them the gentle atmosphere and hues of a perfectly peaceful, lazy summer's day to transport you to a sunshiny garden full of fragrance and warmth.

Because I love to work intuitively, I always say that I let my imagination (heart? soul?) take the lead when I create art. I draw freehand, then choose colours instinctively, all of which fills each piece to the brim with "joie de vivre"!

Working with my chosen medium, I kind of let the art create itself. I always aim for ‘attractive’ and ‘pretty’ at the very least, but with my Boho Summer paintings, I decided in advance that these paintings would be purposely ‘pretty’, extra-pretty if possible. And fine. And delicate.

When you work organically like I do, there can be a lot of correcting and adjusting of what appears, and it’s easy to get carried away, and sometimes to spoil things too. So the Boho Summer took a certain amount of restraint and extra care to make them as pretty as possible, but I think I got it. I hope you agree.

The originals are created in watercolour on textured fine art watercolour paper. For the prints, I've retained all the texture in the colours and, using Adobe software, created a clean white background to encourage the colours to sing out loud and each design to shine as brightly as it deserves.

A few favourites from the collection