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TEAL FLORAL HEART floral art print

TEAL FLORAL HEART floral art print

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My enchanting Teal Floral Heart art print, with its cute monochrome colour palette, will bring a pop of colour to any dreamy bedroom decor. I hope you love this precious little floral heart for its colour, uniqueness and, as with all hearts, the message of love it brings. It could make a beautiful gift for someone you love - or even a special treat for yourself!

For a gallery view with static zoom option, click on any image. Otherwise just hover over an image for a quick close-up :) Don't miss all the pretty flowery details in this one.

My Hearts of Flowers collection is a set of dainty little floral art prints available in a gorgeous range of pinks, purples, blues, teals, and yellows, and are all taken from original paintings in acrylic inks on canvas, with adjustments and effects created in Photoshop. In this print, I've retained the canvas texture in the coloured areas and added a crisp white background.

Choose your unframed print in size 6"x6", 8"x8", 10"x10", or 12"x12". Each print will fit perfectly into a standard size frame or mount.

Please note that printed colours can differ slightly from those we see on screen due to variations in monitor and device settings.

See my FAQs for notes on my creative processes, print quality, packaging and delivery.

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