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PINK PARTY floral art print

PINK PARTY floral art print

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Let my Pink Party floral art print take you to your happy place! These stylised daisies are based on real chrysanthemums with petals of bright pink-and-white candy stripes! I couldn't believe it when I first saw them. So beautiful, and such fun flowers, I just had to draw them and add my own semi-abstract touches. When you see my expressive interpretation, I hope you get the same sense of wonder and exhilaration as I did when I first saw the real thing!

For a gallery view with static zoom option, click on any image. Otherwise just hover over an image for a quick close-up :) Don't miss the party-dress vibes in this one.

Comments/Reviews: "Whoa this is very eye-catching 😍 Love your happy floral drawings!" (Laivi).

"Sooo beautiful!! 💙 Makes you feel happy." (Kate).

"So so so beautiful! I just love it! 🌺" (Shuule).

Choose your print in size 6"x8", 9"x12" or 12"x16".

Please note that printed colours can differ slightly from those we see on screen due to variations in monitor and device settings.

See my FAQs for notes on my creative processes, print quality, packaging and delivery.

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