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NEW AGE TULIPS floral art print

NEW AGE TULIPS floral art print

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New Age Tulips is a beautiful contemporary floral art print. Its gently stylised orange blooms, ultra-modern teal/turquoise bowl, gorgeously harmonised colours combined with my light-touch pastel strokes could make this a perfectly stunning focal point in your home. 

I hope you enjoy the time-lapse of how I created New Age Tulips. It's pretty exciting to just pick up a colour and start to draw. I never know exactly what I'm going to create and the art just flows out of me. I absolutely live for this sense of freedom in my intuitive creative process, and for the surprises that follow!

Oh, and the name usually comes at the end when I can see what I've made! With this one, I realised the flowers were kind of tulip-y and the shapes were very modern-looking. As I've drawn slightly more obvious tulips many times before in my other collections, I thought that these might be the start of a new era in my tulip creations - so, you see? New Age Tulips!

For a gallery view with static zoom option, click on any image. Otherwise just hover over an image for a quick close-up :) Don't miss all the light, movement and exciting pastel strokes in this one.

Comments/Reviews: "Gorgeous!! Beautiful colours and textures." (Michelle).


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Please note that printed colours can differ slightly from those we see on screen due to variations in monitor and device settings.

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