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LIFE FORCE floral art print

LIFE FORCE floral art print

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Life Force is a floral full of passion expressed through my dynamic pastel strokes. I hope that seeing my daisies every day, misty with movement and surrounded by visible swirls of energy, will inspire you to higher moods and greater achievements.

Here's a story for you, because art is amazing, and its effects on the creator and the viewer are unfathomable, intertwined, and endless.

This drawing, in its first stages of life, had an overnight stay in the bin! I was disappointed with how it was going, and that could only ever mean I was disappointed with myself and my own lack of inspiration.

But after a few hours' sleep and feeling a bit more kindly in the morning towards myself and what I'd started, I took another look. My heart found a new connection with what I saw and I just couldn't waste my efforts, so I got going again, with renewed enthusiasm, and the result is Life Force.

The swirling movement you see in most of the drawing is because, for the first time ever, I was inspired to use my fingers to blend and smudge the colours. I ALWAYS. ONLY. EVER. use the pastels themselves to mix the colours and make the marks! Always. But no, this one told me to blend and smudge and sweep and push. All with my fingers.

I think the vital energy in this artwork is visible as a result and I hope you can find inspiration either in the final image or in the story behind it, or both!

For a gallery view with static zoom option, click on any image. Otherwise just hover over an image for a quick close-up :) Zoom in to see the energy in this one.

Comments/Reviews: "Beautiful flowers, the effects are 👍👍" (Lin).

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Please note that printed colours can differ slightly from those we see on screen due to variations in monitor and device settings.

See my FAQs for notes on my creative processes, print quality, packaging and delivery.

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