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Today I’ll tell you a bit about the what and the how (if you missed it, you might also want to check out my previous blog post: All about the who and the why).


Do you know what an 'intuitive artist' is? I always wondered what it meant, and then I learned a few years ago that it’s me 😀

There are actually lots of different ways of being an intuitive artist, some artists go a very complex route involving meditation and inner seeking, but my version is spontaneous, instinctive and very straightforward: I follow my nose.

In a nutshell, I create unplanned and spontaneous art that flows readily out of me, and the properties of the art materials I use are the key to how the art looks.

Which means:

I start creating. The lines, the shapes, the colours. I let them pour out of me. And the medium is the vehicle that gives the art its visual identity.

Here’s a few examples:

If you're familiar with my Country Garden collection, you'll see that I don’t use pastels with a traditional blending technique. I scrape and scrub them around on the paper because they allow me to. I know I could never get the same result with paint, with all the strokes overlapping and going in different directions, and the high energy that abounds in these works. If I tried, each painting would take years, and in any case, it would completely kill the spontaneity and expressiveness that makes my life as an artist exciting.

My Fantastic Flowers paintings look the way they do because of the way I swooshed the acrylic inks around, because that’s what the acrylic inks told me I could do with them. I had an instinctive and untameable urge at the time that had to be satisfied which I found perfectly matched the properties of the inks. You can read more about this here: About the Fantastic Flowers.

My Heartland Watercolours have a whole different story that actually involved a lot of forward thinking in order to work out how I would paint in this particular way, but once I had the method worked out, the rest was down to some very exciting spontaneous creativity and colour that emerged from my most treasured inner realm, Heartland.

As I explained in the who and the why, I was brought up to value individuality probably above all else, alongside freedom to be whatever I need to be. And I'm compelled to find my own individual way to work with different mediums to express the art I’m compelled to make.

What all this amounts to is that I’m a multi-faceted intuitive artist (I love that!). My collections in different mediums represent different facets of my creativity.

The collections each have their own language and atmosphere because of the medium that spoke to me at the time, but it's all art that comes from the same colourful, fantastical place inside me.

And what all this means in the end is that I'm able to provide you with a broad range of content, products and styles (in other words, a wide variety of beautiful art?? 🤭 you decide!) to choose from.


Hey, thanks so much for reading this. Let me know what you think about my methods or anything else I’ve mentioned.

Can you relate to my need for freedom and spontaneity?

Are you a free soul?

Or does routine and planning help you feel most like you?

Just drop a comment below. I love to chat about this stuff!

Till next time 💗💗💗

Susan xx

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